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Shoring Services Monmouth County NJ | Disposal Systems, Inc.


Disposal Systems, Inc. offers Shoring Services throughout Monmouth County NJ. Shoring is the process of temporarily supporting a building, structure or trench with shores (props). Often the structure is in danger of collapse, possibly during repairs or alterations. Shoring may be vertical, angled, or horizontal.


We can provide crews with extensive shoring experience and training. This allows us to excavate in areas most of our competitors would not be able to accomplish. With specialized shoring equipment and close relations with our suppliers or shoring; there are very few excavation problems that we cannot solve


About Disposal Systems, Inc | NJ

Disposal Systems, Inc. (DSI) has been serving our home state of New Jersey, including Monmouth County NJ and Freehold NJ, since 1981. We have earned our reputation as a leader in the environmental construction industry by providing unmatched service with fine detail to health & safety to our consultants, commercial and residential clients alike.

Our intensive employee training and health & safety programs exceed State & Federal requirements. We utilize equipment from our own fleet of dump trucks, vacuum trucks, service vehicles, and earth-moving machinery. Our independence from subcontractors allows us to meet your specific deadlines at a reasonable, cost-effective price.

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