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Disposal Systems, Inc. Services

Monmouth County, NJ

Disposal Systems, Inc. (DSI) leads the industry in providing professionalism and an unmatched quality of work for consultants, assisting with many aspects of their environmental needs.


Our commitment to health and safety, our honesty, and our attention to detail are qualities you can expect when you contract Disposal Systems to work on your next project, large or small. Our independence from subcontractors allows us to meet your specific deadlines at a reasonable, cost-effective price. Our projects are coordinated by in-house project managers who work closely on a daily basis with our on-site crew. Our on-site employees will arrive on time; equipped with the appropriate tools and machines, a full array of personnel protective equipment (PPE) and fully informed of their goals.

Vacuum Trucks Service 

Disposal Systems, Inc. has all licenses and endorsements needed to haul and dispose of both hazardous and non-hazardous special waste. 

Owning a fleet of vacuum trucks ranging from 2,300-gallons to 5,500-gallons allows us to pump liquids from fuel tanks, frac tanks, perform enhanced fluid recovery (EFR) from wells, groundwater control or any other vacuum truck services you may need. From transportation to disposal or recycling of contaminated groundwater we have the trained personnel and vacuum tank trucks to get the job done.

Drum Removal Services 

Whether you are looking to dispose of an existing drummed materials or you require lab-pack services (e..g. accumulation of small amounts of different listed hazardous chemicals safely re-packaged in a disposal container, steel or fiber 55-gallon drum), we offer a variety of drummed waste removal and disposal options. We are the top choice for all drum removal services in the tri-state area.

Affiliated Services

Our affiliated companies can provide geoprobe services, clean fill and aggregates, structural support, soil remediation, tank locating, and tank removal services. We're happy to connect you to the best service providers for your needs.

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