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Whether you are looking to dispose of an existing drummed materials or you require lab-pack services (e..g. accumulation of small amounts of different listed hazardous chemicals safely re-packaged in a disposal container, steel or fiber 55-gallon drum), we offer a variety of drummed waste removal and disposal options. We are the top choice for all drum removal services in Monmouth County NJ. 


About Disposal Systems, Inc | NJ

Disposal Systems, Inc. (DSI) has been serving our home state of New Jersey, including Monmouth County NJ and Freehold NJ, since 1981. We have earned our reputation as a leader in the environmental construction industry by providing unmatched service with fine detail to health & safety to our consultants, commercial and residential clients alike.

Our intensive employee training and health & safety programs exceed State & Federal requirements. We utilize equipment from our own fleet of dump trucks, vacuum trucks, service vehicles, and earth-moving machinery. Our independence from subcontractors allows us to meet your specific deadlines at a reasonable, cost-effective price.


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